Monday, 13 February 2023

The Intriguing Mari Dangerfield


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For musician, singer-songwriter, composer, producer and artist, Mari Dangerfield, growing up with a dad that played lots of music was fundamental to developing a passion for learning to play instruments.  Having cultured a broad interest in Alternative and Electronic music Mari admits “it came from what I knew and what I had access to mostly; working with my limitations.  As what I have access to develops I hope to move on accordingly.”

At the age of fourteen Mari developed what she describes as “a strong musical obsession” with musician David Bowie.  According to Mari, with Bowie she found that “the more I got to know him the more I felt brave about stepping out of my comfort zone and trying different things.”  Mari also discovered the musical pleasures of the stylophone through Bowie’s work.  Many other artists and songwriters both past and present have been a source of enjoyment for Mari, especially when they create a great melody in their work.


The creative process for Mari when writing new music involves a strong concept or melody or at times both together.  Mari’s music usually explores themes such as feeling like an outsider, the intricacies of humanity and love, mental health as well as technology vs nature.  


Mari is completely responsible for  the aesthetic of her musical persona.  She describes this aspect of creativity as “another form of expression for me that connects to the music.”  Although Mari acknowledges that its very easy as an artist to keep your head down and create in a vacuum she believes it’s important for her to experience the real world to feed her imagination as part of her creative process.  She also stays off technology for a couple of days a week to further help with her creativity.  “We need to allow that mental space of ‘boredom’ to exist in order to get to that idea where great ideas can be born” Mari believes.  Watching documentaries and learning about the experiences of other artists also serve as sources of inspiration for Mari.


Although Mari says that live performances can be “nerve-wracking at times” she really enjoys them and confesses  “I get a buzz out of it and the fact that I get to share songs that I’ve written with strangers in a room and that they actually enjoy them is the coolest thing!”


Understanding  the importance of connecting with her fans, Mari keeps herself present on social media.  Of late she has been engaging fans more by asking them for song ideas and then sharing those on her social media and her Patreon.


For the future Mari is hoping for some big strides in her music.  “As long as I can keep doing this music thing, whether I can do it every single day or just some days I’ll be happy!” she explains.


For new listeners to her music Mari suggests  “If you’re open-minded about what you listen to but like a good tune, I might just be for you!”  The work of this creative, talented and unique musician is well worth seeking out.


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Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Cathedral In Flames - Not Another Vampire Song


“Not Another Vampire Song” by Prague based Goth Rock band, Cathedral In Flames, is a song based on memories of the nineties. “ We used to travel (not only to play) around Bohemia, and after a night of drinking we would go the next morning to the only place that was open (on Saturday or Sunday) at that time, so to church”  explains band member Phil Lee Fall.  According to the self proclaimed Gothic cowboys the song is also about  “booze, or rather about alcoholics and how after a few drinks quiet introverts turn into raging sovereign steamrollers. And how they turn into pale, hungover vampires the next day, afraid of daylight and looking in the mirror."

 With legendary producer John Fryer (Fields of Nephilim, Peter Murphy, Nine Inch Nails) at the helm “Not Another Vampire Song” delivers a fresh take on typical vintage Goth Rock themes.  The track is dark and brooding with powerful, ominous vocals and a grim, haunting sound.  The track cleverly and insidiously pokes fun at the Goth Rock genre while still paying evocative homage to it.  Thought provoking and entertaining “Not Another Vampire” will appeal to any one who enjoys the moody, gritty sound of the Goth Rock genre. 

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Monday, 30 January 2023

Dark Force Fest

Get ready for the ultimate Goth-Industrial musical experience as  VampireFreaks presents the highly anticipated Dark Force Fest.  Taking place from March 31st to April 2nd 2023 this three day Goth Industrial music festival has an  impressive line up including international and emerging artists from Goth, Industrial, Dark Wave and Post-Punk scenes.  

Located at the Sheraton Parsippany, a castle-style hotel in Parsippany New Jersey, only an hour from New York City, this huge event features 44000 square feet of space and over thirty bands.  Acts at the event include Combichrist, Suicide Commando, ACTORS, Rabbit Junk, HEALTH and so many more. 


Aside from the music, Dark Force Fest offers a range of events and activities including a costume competition, cosplay guests, sideshow performers, 100+ vendors as well as an information panel.  Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the very best in Dark music.  Get your tickets now ! 

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Friday, 27 January 2023



Jan creator of the music project Meersein, has always been inspired by music, especially from the eighties. Growing up, his parents exposed him to various genres of music and Friday dance nights at home became a regular occurrence. His love for music was solidified when his dad took him to his first concert and he knew he wanted to be a musician.


Attending the Me’ra Luna Festival, a German musical festival held at Hildesheim, allowed Jan to experience different genres of music and he came to appreciate retro dark synth pop. This led to the creation of his new project, Meersein, where he explores this genre.


Meersein is a departure from his previous project, Heldenlos, where he explored Indie Pop Rock. With Heldenlos, Jan toured 40 cities in Germany, playing live concerts at various venues.  


The sea is a major source of comfort and inspiration for Jan and the name Meersein means to be the sea.  Meersein provides a  vehicle for Jan to explore darker music, taking inspiration from bands such as Depeche Mode and The Cure. He uses his songwriting to explore his feelings and ideas and has written music for Meersein in the hope of examining his own feelings.  It’s also Jan’s hope that his music can help those going through darker times by being relatable. 


Jan is a talented musician who is able to play guitar, piano, drums, keyboard, and synthesizers.  He creates all the music for Meersein as well as providing sophisticated and smooth vocals.   He plays a large part in the development of the aesthetic for the project and works with talented photographers and artists to help create his vision.  Jan also manages all his social media ensuring it fits the projects style.  


Apart from his musical projects of Heldenlos and Meersein, Jan is also a Radio Presenter.  His radio show, which he describes as a hand selected treasure trove of Dark Culture, airs every second Saturday of the month at 7pm on Oldenburg-Eins.  The common thread between all of these endeavors is Jan’s passion for music.  

 Jan enjoys live performances and hopes to be performing live as Meersein soon.  He is keen to perform in as many places as his outstanding music takes him.  For new listeners to MeerseinJan wants people to be able to relate to his music and find solace within it and have a sense that they are not alone in their more challenging experiences in life.   


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Meersein’s “Lost”


Taking the listener into what retro Synth Pop artist,  Meersein describes as “one of his darkest times”, the new track “Lost” is an exploration of loneliness and despair.  “Lost” has a retro 80s Synth Pop sound  that perfectly captures feelings of isolationdespondency and helplessness.  The nostalgic synth melodies combined with poignant lyrics and smooth emotive vocals entice the listener into a sophisticated lush and layered soundscape.  Meersein is able to  convey complex emotions in an alluring and accessible way.  The vulnerable and raw emotion explored in “Lost” by artist Meersein will resonate with anyone who has ever felt lost or alone. 

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Monday, 23 January 2023

Out of Nowhere’s Wrong Generation


“We dedicate this video to the women of Iran. To those who are fighting for their basic freedom and getting killed by the Government. These are our sisters, we lived there, and we feel people in our hearts. The young generation in Iran taught us how to be big and brave. They don’t want their youth and future ruined. We (Iranian People) are not from the violent generation. Everyone from everywhere has the right to have freedom, but we didn’t have even the basic ones. Also, we don’t have freedom of speech. Although we are young, most of our dreams were buried six feet deep because of the regime’s suppression, but we can’t stay silent when our brothers and sisters are getting killed every day in Iran.”


Out of Nowhere’s new single “Wrong Generation” is a response to the political unrest and blatant violations of human rights in their home country of Iran, where women and those who support their struggle are facing horrific violence and aggression.  While showcasing both melodic vocals and harmonies and intense growling vocals “Wrong Generation” is an emotionally charged song that successfully blends melody and aggression to deliver a very powerful message through provocative and emotive lyrics.  The undulating guitar riffs and anthemic nature of the song inspire a feeling of possibility and a glimmer of hope despite the dire circumstances.   The song is a fitting tribute to the Iranian people who despite suffering and in some cases being murdered are still fighting to attain what are their basic rights as human beings.     

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Out of Nowhere


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With a name based on the bands belief that borders cause separation and that they as humans do not belong to any particular land, Out of Nowhere is  an Iranian Djent and Metalcore band.  Emerging in 2010 from the Iranian Metal scene where metal music was made illegal by the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Out of  Nowhere has the common goal, according to band members  “ to spread our voices to the whole world and share our thoughts and feeling.”  After the release of their first album they did some cover songs in their unique style.  In 2019 the band released the EP 2031 which saw a shift in the band’s sound towards a more Djent Progressive style.  Out of Nowhere became part of a documentary discussing the dangers and difficulties faced by musicians in the Iranian culture.  In 2021 with the release of “Blind Crow” the band started to explore Deathcore.  With the release of their latest song “Wrong Generation” Out of Nowhere voice their support of Iranian women who have no voice in the current regime. 


Out of Nowhere endeavours to make their sound unique by using elements from their culture and important to them in their music. The band’s music explores humans and modern human life as well as events that occur due to technology and science.   Out of Nowhere believe “in our opinion, man and the inner world of man have not yet been properly discovered, and every day we face new issues of human behavior, human personality and even new mental illnesses due to modern life.”


Acknowledging the importance of aesthetic to a band, Out of Nowhere  are heavily involved in the artwork for the band and have successfully found the right artists to work with them and enhance the bands message.


“Live performance is always a turning point and exciting for a band” according to Out of Nowhere. The band believes that through live performances they are able to share the ideas they have created in isolation with fans face to face and enjoy the positive connections that the music makes. 


For the future Out of Nowhere hopes to share their music with an ever increasing audience as well as to create music continuously. For someone unfamiliar with their music the band says “if you feel lost and misunderstood, you are not alone.  At this stage we are trying our best to get closer to each other with our music and help each other.”

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