Monday 20 June 2022

Dual Analog Lust, Worship and Desire


“I’m a bit of a late bloomer; didn’t have a serious girlfriend until I was 26 years old.  I was overweight growing up and women really weren’t interested in.  Growing up for years without any attention from females, I got pretty comfortable with the fact that it would never happen for me.  Then, one day, when I least expected it, I totally got made out with by a woman I’d only met once before.  For the first time, someone was into me.  This really shattered my whole self-image, idea of who I was, and the entire world that I had built around me up until that point.  That’s what inspired the concept behind the album, learning that you are worthy of love and affection and journeying to try and achieve it.  It’s a story of self-actualization, of enlightenment.”  Is how Chip Roberts, from the band Dual Analog, explains the inspiration for the bands new album Lust, Worship and Desire.

The Turbowave band’s new album takes the listener on a journey of what is essentially enlightenment with  a realization that living in the present, with an appreciation that things are fleeting, leads to a more fulfilling existence.  

The first track “Among the Living” has an adventurous soundscape, with a hint of Asian influence and melodic vocals.  With sonic combinations and a fast tempo “100 Disciples” is rousing and anthemic.  “Dynasties’ transports the listener back to the 80s with a science fiction spin and chant-like vocals.  With a lively tempo that breaks into a rich layered sound “Golden Temple” is intermingled with beseeching vocals.  “Portal of Jade’ has a fusion of Asian music and synthwave reminiscent of the past.  ‘Pantheon” combines fast tempo and a heavy layered guitar evocative of a computer game soundscape from the 80s. With a heavy and fast guitar “Into The Unknown” takes the listener on a fulfilling and resonant sound journey.  The title track of the album doesn’t disappoint with “Lust, Worship and Desire” providing the listener with a stratified soundscape populated with a myriad of delights.  “Go Alone” has more of a heavy metal slant with a hypnotic beat.  The last track on the album “Emptiness Now” has distorted industrial sounds with somniferous harmonizing vocals.  

The album is a retro dreamscape journey with a fascinating dark twist and a hint of Asia.   


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