Tuesday, 2 May 2023

Luna 13


Dark Electro Metal duo Doc and Lilith from Luna 13 based their name on the 13 full moons of the year.  Originally a solo act Doc as Luna 13 headlined at Burning Man in 2015 and despite the success of the performance it was suggested that a female front would further enrich the band.  Doc says “I put out a message and Lilith responded. She worked at a year around haunted house, and I knew she would be perfect for the lead. She got the job right away.”


Doc’s early interest in music resulted in him playing bass in a Black Metal band in his teen years.  He explains in 2007 I saw the Prodigy live in London. I could not believe how heavy they were.  I realized if I created a black metal version of the Prodigy, I could end up creating one of the heaviest sounds out there. Luna 13 is a result of that realization.” 


For Lilith her passion for music started in orchestra as a child and she learned about music from her father who is a retired music teacher. According to Lilith “From there it was listening to artists like Angela GossowOtep Shamaya,Brody Dalle, and many others that gave me that spark of wanting to sing metal music. What drew me in was getting to hear other women like me powerfully use their voices in a way that I felt a lot of connection with.”


Doc describes Luna 13 “as honest as it gets with its sound. A real hybrid of 80’s death metal and dark electro.”  Having a passion for 80s Black and Death Metal Doc has found inspiration in the music of Possessed, Celtic Frost, Metallica, Slayer and Voivod. He then says he “shift gears and love dark ambient projects live Aphex Twins,Boards of Canada and Lustmords.”  Lilith adds Arch Enemy, In This Moment, David Bowie, Korn, Queen, Amy Winehouse, The Sisters of Mercy and many more as being sources of influence on her music.


When approaching song writing Doc confesses that “I have constant bass lines going through my head.”  Initially he programs a Death Metal drum track and then he wraps bass lines around it.  He reveals that he tries to “create the heaviest “low end” electro out there. The songs DIG and GORGO really hit that spot.”  Lilith views song writing as an opportunity to give “artistic expression of either what’s going on in the world, myself, or sometimes utilizing stories to build confidence and empower those who need it.”

With occult imagery and theatrical live performances Doc and Lilith are both heavily involved in all aspects of the band including the aesthetics.  Doc says “we make everything ourselves. I personally love combining dark aesthetics and sound.” Everything that Lilith does visually or vocally is all her own work. She explains “I write my lyrics, sing them, scream them, alter outfits and props, create my own choreography for the dance and movements involved. It’s all a love of mine”.


With entertaining and theatrical performances, the Luna 13 duo both have exceptional talents to bring to live shows.  “There is nothing like performing live and feeling Luna 13 under your feet. It’s a super powerful project” according to Doc.  Lilith loves “ theater, the making of movie special effects, the costumes and makeup art, acrobatic and dance movements, all of it. From a young age I’ve found a lot of joy in these things and how intertwined they are with music in expressing feelings, telling stories, or sending important messages or protests through art.”



The band's latest project is a remake of the song “Monroe of the Dead” Originally written before Lilith joined the band the remake will be with Luna 13’s upgraded sound.  Doc reveals that he believes “Lilith will slay that song and I just finished with the music, and it will be one heavy track. I believe this will evolve into a “Monroe of the Dead EP”.  Lilithis working on new music and a new music video and confesses “I’d like to bring more of the empowering dark goddesses, deities, theyities, kind of themes and messages through all of it in one way or another.”


For the future Luna 13 will continue to create art that allows people to connect and engage.  Doc is working on what he describes as a new “more powerful type of trap Metal. Merging double bass and trap style beats. I want our next full release to be an upgrade”.


For anyone new to the music of Luna 13, Doc enticingly describes Luna 13 as “a groundbreaking project that will continue to be one of the heaviest electro projects out there.” While Lilith captivates new listeners with the seductive promise that the music of Luna 13 “sounds kind of like opening the puzzle box from Hellraiser.”


Links :

Bandcamp : https://luna13music.bandcamp.com/

YouTube : https://youtube.com/@luna13music

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/luna13official

Spotify : https://open.spotify.com/artist/7mzWnPp42hjTU6ZCAJX6Ae?si=JvP8VQKHRFGH1PlXK9e2ZQ




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